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Digital designer based in Copenhagen. Creating compelling digital products and brand experiences.

Primal was founded on the principle that most impactful creations are born from a foundation of playful exploration.

I apply this principle by merging Visual Identity, Digital Design, and Webflow Development.

Collaborating with clients, I hope to make the world a little better and the internet good looking.

Rapport London

Preservers of time since 1898


Redefining cinematic realms

Nielsen Nørager

Dedication to knowledge and experience


Good things come to those who wait


Illuminate your beauty


No binding. No fees. It's eeeeesy.

Skybox Edge

Change the game

Nura Space

Working space platform for iOS


Shop with confidence

Undo Kør

Future of car insurance


Music platform concept

Nura Space

Working space platform for web

What I do

Transforming ideas into digital experiences


Fostering a strategic and collaborative approach, I define the visual identity of the brand and craft designs that truly capture it's essence. Every brand should have a unique story to tell and an authentic, memorable identity that translates seamlessly across all media and platforms.

Visual Identity


By applying intuitive design with the art of storytelling I create solutions that speak to the right audience. My focus is on designing branded websites and custom interfaces for any digital device, regardless of screen size or type.

Web and
Interface Design


I utilize no-(low)-code tools to develop websites that are backed by the latest web standards. With the help of Webflow, I can create custom websites that are ready to launch with a CMS that's simple to manage.