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Nura Space

Working space platform for web
IoT Device dashboard screen
SaaS Company
Web App, UI/UX Design
4-5 Weeks

The Nura Space web app serves as a powerful tool for administrators and managers, providing them with valuable insights into their team's activities and making it easier to manage employees in the office. By consolidating all of the app's features into a single platform, the web app streamlines workflows and allows users to access key information and functionality in one convenient location.

In addition to its advanced data analytics and team management capabilities, the web app includes all of the same features as the mobile app, enabling users to make bookings, view office floor plans, create teams, and more, all from their browser.

Dashboard screen
IoT Device dashboard screen
Office space
Team screen
Floor plan and booking screen
Filter options screen
Office space
Person holding tablet
Meeting room booking states screens
Schedule booking screens
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