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Preservers of time since 1898
Luxury Goods
Visual Identity, Logo Design,
Packaging Design, Web Design
3 Weeks

Rapport London, a manufacturer of handcrafted luxury watch accessories since 1898, began on a journey to refresh its visual identity and e-commerce platform as a testament to its heritage. The aim was clear: to set themselves apart from mass-market brands and embody timeless sophistication.

In pursuit of this goal, a carefully crafted identity emerged, centered around a refined wordmark and monogram, designed to exude luxury and attention to details. Drawing inspiration from the rich palette of their products and materials, a harmonious color scheme was curated to further elevate the brand's essence.

To showcase their uniqueness, a subtle yet impactful "timeline" graphic element reminiscent of watch bezels was introduced. This distinctive touch seamlessly integrated into the packaging and advertising, reinforcing Rapport London's commitment to excellence and quality.

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