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Nura Space

Working space platform for iOS
Nura Space app welcoming screen
SaaS Company
App Design, UI/UX Design
4-5 Weeks

Nura Space is a startup located in Melbourne, Australia, that provides a unified digital working platform designed to optimise the day-to-day operations of businesses. By consolidating all essential workplace features into a single platform, Nura Space offers employees a seamless and integrated experience that streamlines their workflow and boosts productivity.

The Nura Space mobile app consolidates all essential workplace features for seamless work environment and workplace safety.

Three screens of the app
Weekly activity screen
Booking screen
Search flow screens
Color scheme
Design system modules
People working in the office
Profile screens
Available desk screen
Office desk
Calendar screen
Check-in screen
Light and dark mode user interface
Team screen
Searching teams screen
Team members screen
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